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2009-09-25 - VRM history now in a git repository

VRM history in now in a git repository here, changes now will be available there, and only official release will be available on the download page.

2009-06-09 - Moving to vrm.ao2.it

VRM is moving to vrm.ao2.it, please update your feeds and bookmarks, I am going to remove the site from the old address soon and redirect to the new location.

2008-03-03 - VRM works with blender 2.45.

A little update, now VRM uses the newer python API, please use blender 2.45+.

2007-12-04 - A look to another interesting project!

PantoGraph is a prototype for a vector rendering. Very very interesting: its output is way better than VRM, I still do not have a clear opinion about the design, though.

2007-04-10 - Process only visible objects.

Now VRM filter the scene before the rendering so to discard hidden objects and process only objects that are on visible (active) layers.

2007-03-06 - Fixed compatibility with python 2.3.

Some platforms (OSX and some BSDs) are still using python 2.3 with blender official releases, so _for_now_ we still support it.

2007-02-24 - Fixed a problem with blender 2.43.

The camera selection code now supports also blender >= 2.43.

Thanks to Thomas Lachmann for the fix.

2007-02-20 - View Frustum clipping, PDF export and other fixes.

View frustum clipping has been implemented, at last.

Now VRM can also export to PDF thanks to the reportlab library. See an example here.

Plus other fixes to the animation code to make it more robust in rendering movies.

2007-01-24 - Initial NNS depth sort implementation and other fixes.

VRM now have an initial implementation of the NNS depth sort algorithm, it is guaranteed to be still buggy and inefficient :), but it works in many cases and handles polygon intersection and transparency, see examples page.

Moreover we have now (optional) SWF export capability, thanks to the ming library and its python bindings.

Now that it starts to look useful, would you like to collaborate? :)

2007-01-03 - Progress bar and other small fixes

Implemented a better progress indicator during HSR. Fixed also the handling of shadeless materials.

2006-11-23 - Few small improvements

SVG output is now SVG 1.0 valid! And there is a temporary progress indicator too on the console.

2006-10-28 - New beta release

Optimization in Renderer.doEdgeStyle(), build a topology cache so to speed up the lookup of adjacent faces of an edge. Thanks ideasman42.