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Most noticeable bug in VRM is lack of important features :)

The one with the highest priority is HSR (hidden surface removal), by now only a simple depth sorting and culling of backfacing primitives has been implemented.

As a first attempt to a better HSR the Newell-Newell-Sancha depth sort algorithm will be implemented, you can enable a partial implementation setting:

config.polygons['HSR'] = 'NEWELL'

I was also thinking that the Weiler-Atherton algorithm could fit better, but I haven't find time to implemnent the polygon clipping routine it requires.

Blender Bugs?

When working on VRM I noticed some bugs and some faults in blender (2.41 and 2.42). I annotated them here as a remainder to blender coders:


The method did not work in background mode, blender coders know that and there is a workaround in 2.42a.

VRM catches the exception raised from the method and do not perform joining when blender is in background mode, that is an acceptable solution in short term, but I think the issue has to be addressed in another way before or after.

Some object types are not converted correctly to mesh

This is the case for Text or Curve objects, materials are not copied to the mesh data if we do:


Shouldn't the above call have the same effect of Alt-C?